Pretty damn smart, those spammers.

Maybe this is the newest trick in email advertising: Send a message with a very large PDF attachment. In the message text, claim that you’ve had flyers snail-mailed to everyone in your ZIP-code. List a number of ZIP-codes (ideally including the ZIP-code of your recipient). Ask for assistance because you suspect that the postman dumped your flyers instead of delivering them.

Although I have received two such messages today and although I feel very tempted I am not going to hire an attorney at law to send an Abmahnung (German legal system cease-and-desist letter). I don’t want to risk nor pay for a long legal battle – not all on my own. I.e. if others received similar messages and feel like fighting: let’s team up!

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  1. Report to consumer’s protection agency? They may be interested in this.

  2. This was clearly a B2B case.


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