Today I almost killed the bus driver.

But she would have well deserved it. May I present to you a reconstruction of the events, based partially on my own visual memory and partially on what others observed:

There is a traffic light about 100 feet (30 meters) away from the bus stop. A truck stands parked between the bus stop and the traffic light. The passengers finish boarding. The bus doors close. The driver sees a green light and puts the pedal to the metal. The bus passes the truck too closely so the right rear-view mirror smashes into the truck and breaks off. The traffic light turns yellow, then red. The bus slows down, enters into the intersection, and turns left. Honking ensues. Immediately after having completed the turn the bus stops and the driver exits her vehicle to inspect the damage. I’m in my car, now facing the bus. The honking quiets down and the people in front of me finish staring. I set my turn signal to turn right into the direction the bus originally came from. My lane gains speed. I begin passing the bus. I slow down to make my right turn. I pass the green light. The driver jumps in front of my car from behind her bus. I slam my breaks. My ABS sends vibrations to my right foot. My car stops. I miss the bus driver. Luckily the car behind me manages to stop, too. Now comes the funniest part: The bus driver takes off running away from the scene.


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