Digital Agenda starts this week – counting page-views is so 90′s

I am the 122nd, the 123rd, and the 124th reader of Neelie Kroes’ new weblog, which she said she will start posting to regularly this week.

About two weeks ago Martin had given her some shit about being the commissioner responsible for the Digital Agenda and having the blankest of all the commissioners blogs and websites. While this has changed (they’re not that blank anymore) making announcements about when one will start blogging and publicly counting page-views (that count up every time someone reloads the page) was not quite what he was asking for. It’s not even a step in the right direction. Her grace-period expires Friday… and after that I will start a Neelie-Kroes-watchblog! (There, you have it, a 90′s style announcement. Come to think of it: nah, I pass.)


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